AviaNZ birdsong analysis software

AviaNZ version 1.0 is released! The program is easy to use and equipped with the essentials for spectrogram reading, analysis, manual annotation, and also few other stimulating options to the next stage of the development: automated analysis of your field recordings. You can download the software along with the user manual following the links below. We welcome your feedback and it is very important to us as we continue developing AviaNZ.



  Download AviaNZ v1.0
  Download User Manual

Marsden Fund for AviaNZ

Stephen Marsland and Isabel Castro received Marsden Fund in this latest round to work on their project  AviaNZ: Making Sure New Zealand Birds Are Heard.

Stephen Marsland and Isabel Castro with Blandy the kiwi

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Sponsor a kiwi

To track and study our kiwi, they each need individual radio-transmitters and we need radio-telemetry equipment, batteries, and cameras to be able to follow them. In total, we spend $470 per kiwi each year and we would like to ask you to sponsor this cost for one or more of our birds.

Sponsor a kiwi

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Birdsong Denoising Using Wavelets

Automatic recording of birdsong is becoming the preferred way to monitor and quantify bird populations worldwide. Programmable recorders allow recordings to be obtained at all times of day and year for extended periods of time.Consequently, there is a critical need for robust automated birdsong recognition. One prominent obstacle to achieving this is low signal to noise ratio in unattended recordings. Field recordings are often very noisy: birdsong is only one component in a recording, which also includes noise from the environment (such as wind and rain), other animals (including insects), and human-related activities, as well as noise from the recorder itself. We describe a method of denoising using a combination of the wavelet packet decomposition and band-pass or low-pass filtering, and present experiments that demonstrate an order of magnitude improvement in noise reduction over natural noisy bird recordings.